Mommy runs, I ride

Now that I have been running with the stroller for over a year now, it seems like the right time to talk about my experience. I started walking miles with the stroller 2 weeks after I had Phoebe, at the time it was very strenuous since I had a c section and was not supposed to lift anything but the baby for up to 6 weeks. I have the BOB Ironman stroller which requires a bit of a lift when turning the stroller since it has a fixed wheel. When I first got it I wondered if it was the right choice since it seemed to be more work when turning corners. As time went on I learned that the fixed wheel makes for a smoother ride and faster pace when running straight routes.


Our 1st walk

At my first race running with the stroller I was a bit disappointed as I had just started running again earlier in the week and was feeling very bad about my new slower pace. So at 7 weeks postpartum I ran the Miami Children’s Health Foundation 5k, my 3rd time running this race. My time was 32 minutes and I did walk for a small portion of the race, the first time I’ve had to walk in a race in a looooong time. I felt like I was hardly moving and the weather was so hot and humid I didn’t know if I was going to make it. I remember during the last mile Hector from iRun was cheering everyone on as he ran back through the course, gave me the boost I needed to finish the race without walking again. After I crossed the finish line I felt like I might throw up, it was at that moment that I felt like even though my time had sucked I was back to racing again.

After that 5k I took on a 4 mile race and a few months later, a 10k in the rain with the stroller. That is the farthest distance I have raced with the stroller so far but hope to run a half marathon with it sometime.

I know that everything says to not run while you are using the car seat adapter on the stroller but I didn’t listen and never had any issue. Obviously some people will fail to secure things properly and accidents can happen but I never felt my baby was in any danger. We have since moved on to not using the car seat and adapter but we used it till she was about 7 months old. Either way the stroller seems to rock her to sleep after about a mile or so, she rarely ever stays awake while we run with her in the stroller.

In the BOB we have won a couple age group awards and I have brought her up on the podium with me and her dad has done the same when he won first place in his age group for a 10k while pushing her. I like to think that we are instilling some kind of love for running and not annoyance with being strapped into a stroller for an hour or so. Lately we have been taking her for shorter runs that have a stop at the park for her to swing a bit on the swing set.



Honor Our Veterans 5k – November 5, 2016

This weekend was jam packed with races so I’ll start with the first race of the weekend and make another post about the 2nd one. This 5k was kind of a last minute race. I had originally planned to do a free 5k it was on Hollywood Beach, which is about a 45 minute drive for me. When I found I could get a discount on this race I decided it was a better idea to do this one since it’s only 5 minutes from home and I would most likely be doing it alone with Phoebe. It worked out great, just kinda sad that there were not awards for age groups because I totally would’ve placed in my age group. I am proud to say that it is now my fastest stroller 5k to date!


When I walked outside Saturday morning I knew it would be a great race day because the weather was cool for once and not raining. I got there about 45 minutes early to pick up my race bib because with the timing company they used for this race they take back their timing chips after the race so only bib pickup the day of the race. I was a little nervous because this was the same company who timed the Derby 5k back in April and who totally left me off the results. I got my bib and took Phoebe with me to the bathroom, not an easy task in a tiny bathroom with a big running stroller but I got it done. As I was heading back to the starting line I overheard some college guys joking about how they would keep up with me and be fine for the race. I laughed in my head about this and thought “yeah right!” Later during the race I saw the group again and they were a mile BEHIND me, hehe. Their shocked faces were just the right amount of fuel to push through at a much faster pace for the next mile. Also the owner of Go Run, Doug passed me while on his bike pacing the top guys and mentioned that I had great form, it really helps when you get praise like that from a top runner. There was a lady in front of me the whole time but during that last .50 I managed to pass her and stay ahead of her. Sometimes like in Ragnar I like to count the amount of people I can pass in the last mile. Like usual, Phoebe was asleep after the first mile and continued to sleep for another 30 minutes after we finished.

Later when I checked my nike + run club app I discovered that I had ran progressive miles the whole race! That is amazing for me because I usually run the first mile the fastest and get progressively slower during a 5k. When I finished I grabbed a water for my Nuun, a granola bar, and a banana and went back to the finish line to cheer on the rest of the finishers. Overall I think it was pretty well organized and due to the small field of runners there was no weaving in and out to get through the walkers and slower runners, which is a pain with the stroller.