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I started running in 2012 and only did one timed race at the end of that year. I think I discovered Athlinks at the beginning of 2013 when I felt like I was truly a real runner. Everyone that has ever logged their race times in a notebook will be happy to have all this info on an easy to use website that has all those stats from far back.

A few years later they started adding other features like runner tracking and adding rivals/friends to your profile so you could see what races your friends are doing. Great motivation for signing up for a new race, to see how you do against another friend.

I really like that the website keeps track of your distance PRs so you don’t have to write it all down somewhere, which you will probably lose (if you’re like me!) . I like that my marathon PR is prominent on my profile, even if it’s not super impressive compared to some friends but makes me happy to go on the site and check it out.

Recently I had to merge two of my accounts into one with the email address that I am using now and it was super easy, I just emailed the help desk and they fixed my issue and put all my results in my gmail email account and pretty quickly too.

I am going to walk you through the whole easy process of claiming your results and adding yourself to the start list.

First off once you have created your profile on your page will look like this. Although I have had my account for awhile if you are anything like me it will fill up quickly with info. It shows my athlinks friends who are racing in June as well as my recent results as well as PRs for a few distances.



I wanted to find my recent results from a 5k I ran in March since the one I ran a few weeks ago still have not submitted their results online for athlinks to use on their site just yet. So I typed in my whole name in the search window and put my birth year as a filter to find results with. The search brought up a few results from an Elizabeth Johnson as well as a Beth Johnson, I was neither so I went and searched a different way, by the name of the race I had ran.


Found it when I searched out DRI Hope and got my divisions results, I actually stupidly left early from this race not realizing that I had placed in my age group so I missed out on the awards. But that is besides the point, I can find also my placing overall and in my gender on this page.


Then when I click on my actual name it sends me to this page with more stats like weather for the race and the distance as well as split times for longer races of course. Since this was only a 5k it only shows the finish time split.


After you have claimed your results, you will also get an email from athlinks about it, like below.


Jumping to my 2017 Miami Marathon results page, you can see some of the splits for the full marathon and if you scroll down farther and Athlinks has sponsored your race photos for the event you will get your media for the event. Which is super cool because not only do you get to see your race photos in a little gallery and they are FREE, but you can see a video of yourself crossing the finish line! I am always super excited when athlinks is a sponsor at an event because then it means I will get great quality race pics as well as all my stats updated on the site fast!




Ok so speaking of Miami Marathon, I noticed that we can already add ourselves to the start line for 2019 Miami Marathon and of course I already signed up for next years event just a few days after I ran this years marathon. Here is how to add yourself to the start line, first find the event you are going to race. In my case, its all of the ones shown below 😉


Then click on said event and it will show average temps and start line schedule for the event. Plus it will give you the option to go straight to the registration page and sign up for the race (incase you havent already!). athlinks8

When you click on Join the Start Line there will be a pop up window with some questions, just basic info on what your goal time is and if you have anything you want to tell your athlink friends about why you are signing up for this race/goals/anything! athlinks9

I filled it out and I am really hoping that I can get this goal next year! Putting it out there in the universe usually can be helpful when trying to reach certain goals, and mine is a sub 4 hour marathon finally!athlinks10

Once you submit that info it will take you to a page with other people who have joined the start line of the same race and you can see what kind of goals people are chasing and it’s pretty cool when you recognize friends/running acquaintances on the list. athlinks11


Then once you are done stalking, er I mean looking through the Start Line List of your upcoming races it will pop up as an upcoming race on your athlinks home page, just to remind you when you log in. That’s always a good thing since it will keep your mind on the goal of that certain race. I will have my start line upcoming races pretty full soon, lol.


Summer is pretty much here, so that means training will begin for quite a few athletes for the upcoming fall races so claim all your past results and start adding yourself to those Start line lists.

Add me as your athlinks friend/rival, whichever you think I am, lol.

My Athlinks Page


Aftershokz Trekz Air – bone conduction headphones – a review

“Disclaimer: I received a pair of Aftershokz trekz air headphones to review as part of being a BibRave Pro. Learn more about becoming a BibRave Pro (ambassador), and check out to review find and write race reviews!”


When I first started running I relied very heavily on music to power me through my runs and when for some reason the phone would go haywire with the music it would ruin my entire run/race. Once even during a half marathon I had music troubles and it really messed with my head, causing a pretty unimpressive finish time. Then there was the Miami Beach Halloween half marathon which holds my half marathon PR and I think was highly due to the great playlist my boyfriend made for me before that race. But soon after I was pregnant and did not feel safe running with headphones, very paranoid about safety for myself and my unborn daughter. Speed up to a few years later and still do not run with music due to safety factors and running with daughter in stroller. Until now!


When I found out I had the opportunity to review a pair of bone conduction headphones by aftershokz I jumped on the chance and I have to tell you I have been missing out on so much more energy in my runs! Finally a headphone that allows you to hear your music and your surroundings without an earbud threatening to fall out the whole time. Also what has always bugged me about the earbud thing is that after hours of using them they make the inside of my ears sore for hours later. I discovered this horrible thing when training for a 50k last year and doing a lot of training while on a treadmill. This is something that does not happen when wearing the aftershokz trek airs, they fit comfortably around your ears and do not bounce when running and cause no issues on long runs. I tried them out for the first time this weekend when doing a 10 miler on the treadmill, some mornings its necessary to stay off the roads and watch my toddler in the monitor to get in my run before she wakes and these were perfect. I listened to some music and then watched a movie, all without any issues connecting or hearing, and that is saying a lot because my treadmill is old and very loud!


Yesterday I wore my trek airs to the c25k program that I am helping pace in the afternoons after work and there was quite a buzz about them. Everyone asked me a million questions and was super interested in these bad boys! Plus I have to say even though I was listening to Rock Anthems channel on Spotify I ran a lot faster even though at the time I did not feel like I was running so strong yesterday. I ran faster than I did last Thursday and that is saying a lot because last Thursday I felt like I was flying.


Another morning I used them to listen to podcasts while running a 10 miler on the treadmill. It was a first for me, listening to podcasts that is, I had never done that before, I know I know, I am sooooo behind in the times but it was fun and I got to listen to some amazing runner women like Gabe Grunewald talk about running. Never had any issues hearing things while running on a very noisy treadmill. I do know that later on in the week I forgot to bring them with me on the treadmill and was forced to listen to a symphony of frogs croaking, ugh! I haven’t forgotten them again 😉


Also are great for using while watching a movie beside a napping toddler 🙂


So what exactly is this “bone conduction” stuff that allows you to hear without an earbud or headphone over your ear? Well I was curious about it too, it means that the headphones send mini vibrations through your cheekbones, directly to your inner ear, leaving your ear canals open. Which in turn makes them the safest headphone on the market, you can hear your surroundings and your music at the same time! They have even been redesigned to improve the bass and dynamic sound.


Want to get $30 off on these? Check out this special link for this awesome promotion:

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