Heart – February is American Heart Month

Hope everyone has been wearing lots of red this month to bring awareness to others about it being American Heart month. Wear Red Day was on February 3rd, I made sure to wear a red shirt and my red TOMS. I should’ve wrote this post earlier in the month actually. I have had quite a few grandparents that have had heart disease and one that I was very close to pass away from heart failure in the past few years.

By just making a few simple changes in your lifestyle you can reduce your risk for heart disease by 80% . Exercising, eating healthy and keeping your BMI at 25 or under. This month I have actually been trying to exercise nearly everyday in some way or another and have changed my diet to that of a healthier vegetarian. Even after February I will continue on this healthy path as I have been wanting to make the change for a bit. Hope this post motivates at least one person to start eating healthier and get active.

For more info: www.heart.org

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