When I was asked to write a post about my most memorable race moment I didn’t have to think long to realize what that moment was. It was a moment that I had been planning out for 6 months, training hard and pushing myself harder than I had ever pushed my body. It wasn’t about my speed in this particular race or my finish time but the accomplishment of it. Basically my favorite racing memory was running down that finishing chute at the 2014 Miami Marathon and realizing that I had did it! The feeling was that like floating on air and I was still feeling that way a few days later (with a little added soreness). I had finished running a marathon! 26.2 grueling miles with rain and extreme humidity. None of those factors mattered as I ran by the bleachers of cheering spectators screaming “Go Lisa!” That was my most memorable racing moment ever.


Almost to the finish line!!


Running the Miami Marathon the next year was memorable in it’s own way. I was running with a baby on board, no one knew but Derrick and I at the time. Also it was Derrick’s first marathon! We had trained through a long hot summer and even though our time was not the best, we still made it.


We really do run Miami 😉


Similar finish line pic!

This summer/fall I will be training for the Miami Marathon once again after only running the Miami Half this year. I choose to scale back to the half because I did not feel prepared after only having only time and energy for half marathon training postpartum. Hoping to be ready for the 2017 and looking for a new marathon PR.


Things I will do differently this training cycle (and some fun pics) :

* Try to get more rest (hard to do with a baby but will have to schedule some babysitting so I can get in a nap after long runs)


Post run Zensah time.

*Drink a lot more water (especially since I’m still breastfeeding)


The secret to awesome hydration, NUUN!

*Get back to healthier eating (more kale, please!)


Kale & chick’n salad

*Strength train 2x a week (this will probably be the hardest for me because I feel like there’s hardly enough time to run nowadays but will have to get this in to prevent running injuries with increased mileage)


Back to the mat & weights!

Recently I have been finding races on Eventbrite. Signed up for an adventure run through the Everglades last year, which was a blast! And just today I signed up for the Solerunners 4th of July 5k (also a 10k option) through them!

So if you’re looking for local events & races in your area, check out Eventbrite. I just learned that Eventbrite also allows you to design, promote, and sell tickets to your own event! Which is awesome to think about for the future in case I want to make a Phoebe 5k race.
Keep up the training this summer!

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