Bibrave Strava Run Streak

Have you heard of any of the above? Maybe you have heard of Bibrave, it’s a site where you can go and find races and look up reviews on them. Its like TripAdvisor for the running world, pretty cool, right? Now what about Strava? It’s basically a social media platform for atheltes, it tracks your runs/swims/cycles and you can add friends and give kudos to friends after their runs/activities post. Plus lots of challenges are available on there, some where you can win discounts for athletic clothing or other fun things. And run streak, basically a streak is a set of days that you run everyday a minimum of a mile for as long as possible. For this streak I will be running the whole month of May. I will unofficially refer to this streak as my birthday month run streak and hope that you will join me.


Running obviously counts as does walking, just make sure to get out or on a treadmill at least one mile a day for the month of May to complete this challenge and get a strava account. The free account will work for this account but if you want to see more stats on your runs/walks you can get a free trial of summit for Strava.


Step 1: Make a Strava account and join the Bibrave Run Club :

You can link your smart/gps watch or enter your miles manually.


Step 2: Make a plan and get other friends to join you for the challenge. Getting outside or meeting a friend at the gym for a run/walk on the treadmill is a great way to get those endorphins pumping and make you feel a lot better.


Step 3: Upload your run/or walk stats on Bibrave Strava page and prepare to be motivated by looking at other members stats.

My reason for doing this challenge:  I need some accountability lately as I have been slacking on my running, first from my treadmill breaking and having to wait on a new one to be delivered. That really set me back with my early morning runs and then falling on my hip after tripping on an uneven sidewalk, that made me a bit unsteady about running. I slowed my 50 mile weeks to 40 and then 30 miles instead but I am ready to get back to those higher mileage weeks as well as deal with some lingering heel issue. Last time I did a long run streak was April 2016-December 2016. I actually felt awesome and didn’t get sick at all during that time. I think the only reason I stopped was because life got in the way and it was too hard to sustain further but I definitely look forward to a one month run streak this year. Who knows I may even keep it going for longer than a month, depending on how it goes. Also look for my running updates on Instagram :

It’s only one month and you can definitely get 31 miles for the month of May without hardly trying, plus you might create a new healthy habit without even knowing it. Hope you will join me and add me as a friend on Strava too! Who’s in?! Comment below and let me know!


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