Favorite Organic Makeup

So I started this blog to review organic products so heres a review of my favorite organic makeup products.

I first stumbled upon  Physicians Formula Organic Wear  products while looking at Burt’s Bees products. I had been trying to convert to organic food and wondered if there was any organic makeup around. Seeing how Burt’s Bees didn’t have any eyeliners or powders I was disappointed since I had tons of their other products. Until I looked over and noticed Physicians Formula Organic Wear. I hurriedly snapped up a Black Night Organic (black) eye liner pencil. Also threw some Organic Loose Powder in my cart as well. Since then I have gotten more of their Organic Wear and have been very happy with it so far. Sometimes I have to reapply the eyeliner but it’s worth it, knowing that I’m not putting dangerous chemicals near my eyes anymore.

It’s mineral makeup for the most part but without all the harsh parabens and chemicals normally placed in cosmetics. Also it’s packaged very eco friendly, using 93% less plastic than typical packaging. Mineral makeup just stays on the top of your skin, therefore not absorbing in and causing pores to clog. So it’s ideal for everyone not wanting to clog their pores or absorb harmful chemicals.

I’ve including some links for the product lines mentioned:
Physicians Formula Organic Wear
Burt’s Bees
Both can be found at Target

Organic, what does that mean?

A lot of people think that it is just another way to market products that cost more and seem healthier. That’s actually not the case, most organic products and foods are truly organic, some are partially organic. The usda certified organic sticker is now placed on all organically grown produce and foods. Incase you haven’t seen it yet:

Lately more supermarkets have been stocking their shelves and making special sections for organic products, Publix has a great selection called Greenwise. Whole foods is also a great store for organic/natural products. Organic doesn’t always mean more expensive either and the more organic products hit the shelves the lower the prices will be. Personally I don’t see too much difference in cost. Basically organic means grown without the use of pesticides, insecticides and herbicides. Or in the milk market, meaning the cows arent shot up with growth hormones to produce more milk. So overall going organic is healthier for the earth, animals and humans.