Liar, liar pants on fire

This is not a man hating post, because I can’t live with them or without them. But lately ive noticed a lot of liars coming out of the woodwork.

One was a friend (or so I thought at the time) who lied to me as well as the girl he was dating. Apparently it was compulsive and he couldn’t control it but he didn’t even seem to try. It’s pretty sad but I think his past had a lot to do with how he deals with things now. But rather than take good advice and see a therapist he discredited it and got mad. I don’t understand why people have become so anti-therapy. I suppose I was that way at a time but then I got over myself. Therapy isn’t just for crazy people, it’s just basically like a good friend giving advice and listening. In some cases people never change.

Just recently I know of a girl who met someone through a dating site who told no truth at all. Nothing at all, not about his marriage, his job, his children or even his freaking phone! I don’t personally agree with dating sites, although some might argue that facebook is similar to a dating site. I think that at least you can meet people whom your friends know at least. Not that I’ve gone that route yet, but I just think that the internet provides too many chances for people to tell lies. You can pretend to be anyone online, anyone at all, a wealthy person, a professional at anything basically. I believe in telling the truth, even if it’s to complete strangers.

People just aren’t always who we think they are, so a warning to all to be careful on here. You could meet the man of your dreams or a nightmare psycho.

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