Ob-La-Di, Ob-La-Da

I haven’t updated in a very long time, but I promise I will get back into this blog now that I’ve signed up for a ton of Fall races.

Life lately in a short summary. Met an amazing guy on National Running Day, very fitting because he is a runner too! So all of my long runs have been with him lately instead of solo at the park in a million loops. Definitely helps the miles tick by when you have someone to talk to and get to know. Signed up for all the Florida Storm Series races, now I just have to wait to run them! Have been getting faster in my training runs and can’t wait to see how that makes my race times. A few weeks ago I was supposed to do a race on an airport runway but it got postponed/canceled last minute sadly.


Last night went to a fabulous event in Wynwood that incorporated running & yoga, two of my favorite things! It was held at Pilathon, a pilates/yoga studio in the heart of Wynwood. We started the event by learning some Chi Running techniques from Bryan Huberty, it was pretty cool since I believe I already run Chi style. We ran around looking at the sweet art on the buildings in Wynwood & then did some sprint intervals. I definitely do not do sprint intervals and even though it was supposed to hurt, it felt good! I really need to start doing sprint intervals on the regular. Artist, Ron Sanchez took our group pic by a large Bob Marley wall painting stating Loveism beside it. Afterwards we ran back to Pilathon and hopped up on the roof for some rejuvenating power yoga with Cat Haayen. This was the 3rd time attending this monthly event and every time we do different things & new yoga moves. It’s always fresh and getting that high feeling from staring up at the sky while quieting the mind is heavenly. Also holding my guy’s hand during shavasana was pretty awesome too.

running selfie taken by Mr Run Club :)

Running selfie taken by Mr Run Club ūüôā

Group shot with Bob Marley.

Group shot with Bob Marley. Photo credit: Ron Sanchez

With Monica & Caro after rooftop yoga. Sweaty & happy.

With Monica & Caro after rooftop yoga. Sweaty & happy.

I will be back to update my last race recaps from the Winter/Spring soon! Until then Run Happy!




Check out Pilathon‘s page for upcoming events

And follow Cat Haayen on Twitter

Start me up – my workout plan

So before last May my working out consisted of walking through malls to shop with occasional nights of yoga with my best friend and 10-30 mile bike rides through the dangerous streets of Miami. I didn’t get too serious about working out till the middle of 2011 when I realized I needed to work on my tone. Before that¬†I really wasn’t worried about how my body looked because I wasn’t really showing it to anyone. Call me vain if you will, but if you know you will be getting undressed infront of someone you would think twice about how your body looks too.

So in May 2011 I finally¬†got serious and thanks to¬†a recommendation from my friend, Alyssa I bought a Tracy Anderson Method mat workout dvd. Its an hour of semi intense muscle restructuring that leaves u tired and sweaty afterwards. Sometimes when I would start getting a little bit bored of the same routine I would do some power yoga from a yoga/pilates dvd set¬†I had. Mostly I did the Tracy Anderson Method and started to see changes and definition after about a month of 4-6 days a week of working out. She’s was trained in ballet and then became a personal trainer to stars like Gwyneth Paltrow and Madonna so even though¬†it was a bit trendy to buy, it actually works. ¬†The last 6 months of the year was spent doing that dvd so often I thought it would begin to get scratched.

not a bad body to have, imo.

Then 2012 started and I found out about a hike in the Everglades Shark Valley and suggested on the Facebook invite that we should rent bikes while we were there. I met new people (Tatiana, Andrew, Jonathan) and some acquaintances (Allie & David) and Joe. The bike ride to the tower wasnt too terrible, but the ride back through the strong winds was torturous, I’m still not sure how we made it those 15 long miles. Here’s¬†the¬†blog entry with pics that Tatiana wrote.

That day Allie mentioned she would be starting up her weekly bootcamp again and I should check it out¬†(I had actually been to one bootcamp session with her back in August)¬†. For days afterwards I feel the soreness of my muscles and¬†am unable to do my usual Tracy Anderson workouts so I’ve started doing more pilates from the dvd set mentioned above. Every Sunday¬† now¬†I attend bootcamp in the park which is 10x more intense than any of my dvd workouts. Plus you get to meet nice people who are working their way to their fitness goals as well, it’s a lot more motivating than working out alone at home. Usually the workouts are so intense that someone throws up but not always. Check out her website¬†¬†for fitness tips and exercise how to’s and if you are in the Miami area, like her Fit Geek facebook page and attend this¬†bootcamp.

Last minute tip: Something that helps me stay on track and motivated is writing down what kind of¬†workouts I do and the amount of time I’ve¬†spent¬†doing them on a calendar. Seeing that everyday keeps me going forward and not losing focus. I usually strive for at least 5 hours a week of exercise.

Summertime Sadness

Life is so unexpected and messy. There have been times that I have thought things couldnt get any better or that nothing would change. Everything changed, things got better, they got worse, nothing stayed the same. Never did I think I would be where I am now, alone.

Do we ever know if the person we are with will always want to be with us? Or if we have even met¬†the person we are supposed to be with or have we met that person but timing was wrong. Is there any way to tell if you have missed out or when something great is going to come around the corner and surprise you? I’m learning to basically take a chance on people that I didn’t previously let¬†in. I¬†keep coming back to the idea that life is too short to waste too much time. ¬†

This post was written on a blue day it seems, a few weeks ago.

It Don’t Come Easy.

I’ve recently come to the realization that I have become a bit resistant the idea of getting close to anyone. After the break up in 2010 I have kept most people at arm’s length not letting myself get too close. I’m a very trusting person but keep my heart really closed off to anything really more than friendship or fling. I’ve met plenty of guys in clubs and bars, only to share a few dances and then I tend to float away. I just have no interest in starting a relationship with someone that I meet at a club, not that there’s anything wrong with that. It’s just not a place where I hang out anymore, so when that question comes up “so do you come here often?” I always answer with a “nope, hardly”. Unfortunately there’s not a plethora of men that like to hang out at Target & Publix on the weekends, or I would be all set.

Let me be honest and say outright that I am not on the hunt for a man, I know some people that currently go out in the hopes of meeting their Prince Charming but I am not one of them. I like to meet people in laid back organic ways, not in a hunting prey way. Plus in every long term relationship I’ve been in, we have started out as friends, everything is easier and less pressure that way. It will just happen with the right person at the right time and usually when you least expect it.

I’ve suffered some heartbreak in the past but I’m going to keep my heart open and stop worrying about the ‘what ifs’. Going to take some chances and see what will happen because you just never know.It’s really not fair to let a few broken hearts keep me from meeting the right person because of the past. I’m starting 2012 in the right direction and without fear.

Some knowledge I’ve picked up:

Losing the fear and admitting you have feelings for someone has got to be one of the most scary things but yet one of the most exciting things. Even if they reject the idea it still shows that you had enough guts to make the move in the first place because life is too short. So stop pining over a person that doesn’t like you romantically or won’t admit to it, move on and be proud that you were true to yourself and feelings at the moment.

Also confidence goes a long way, but relying on others to make you feel good about yourself is a bad idea. What happens when it all stops for some reason? Not a good situation.

Don’t automatically write off someone because they aren’t your “type”. It’s possible they have more in common with you than you see at first glance.

I don’t know how this post went from about me personally to seeming like a dating guidebook but I hope you get some insight or at least some knowledge from this post.

Liar, liar pants on fire

This is not a man hating post, because I can’t live with them or without them. But lately ive noticed a lot of liars coming out of the woodwork.

One was a friend (or so I thought at the time) who lied to me as well as the girl he was dating. Apparently it was compulsive and he couldn’t control it but he didn’t even seem to try. It’s pretty sad but I think his past had a lot to do with how he deals with things now. But rather than take good advice and see a therapist he discredited it and got mad. I don’t understand why people have become so anti-therapy. I suppose I was that way at a time but then I got over myself. Therapy isn’t just for crazy people, it’s just basically like a good friend giving advice and listening. In some cases people never change.

Just recently I know of a girl who met someone through a dating site who told no truth at all. Nothing at all, not about his marriage, his job, his children or even his freaking phone! I don’t personally agree with dating sites, although some might argue that facebook is similar to a dating site. I think that at least you can meet people whom your friends know at least. Not that I’ve gone that route yet, but I just think that the internet provides too many chances for people to tell lies. You can pretend to be anyone online, anyone at all, a wealthy person, a professional at anything basically. I believe in telling the truth, even if it’s to complete strangers.

People just aren’t always who we think they are, so a warning to all to be careful on here. You could meet the man of your dreams or a nightmare psycho.

We’ve come a long way, baby.

Today marks 1 year and 1 month of being sober. I feel more alive and less sluggish. Thinking back, I was a very heavy drinker back in 2004-2005. I used to go to the liquor store so often that they stopped carding me. I remember leaving with two large paper bags nearly every weekend. As time passed and I started dating a non drinker I slowed down a lot but not completely.

Slowing down was extremely hard back then as I was getting drunk every time¬†I went out. I now realize that it was a self-destructive confidence booster, but at the time I was having fun with it. I don’t think I will ever forgive myself for all the times I drove drunk and put everyone on the streets in danger. Thank god I never got into any accidents or stopped by the police.

This time it was much easier to quit, although I was drinking socially when my best friend and I would go out to lounges. Friday, July 3rd we went out to dinner and I had a blue long island (my signature drink), later went to the Delano hotel and had another drink. As my friend was chatting with this guy she met, we will call him Terrorist Doctor, they were buying us drinks left and right. So many that I lost track of how many drinks I had that night, I remember spilling quite a few of them also. She disappeared, I was forced to make conversation with Terrorist Doctor’s friends who kept the drinks coming steadily. Later I was ready to leave, as I was drunk and not wanting to deal with the Terrorist Doctor’s condescending¬†attitude any longer, instead we took a cab with the group to some nearby diner. Finally escaping from them at the diner, we headed home. Looking back, we could’ve been attacked by them and raped that night.

The next morning I woke up with the worst hangover, I puked¬†a couple times¬†and generally felt like shit the rest of the day. That was the moment when I vowed to not drink anymore. At the time though I didn’t¬†have any specific timeframe, ¬†I started out thinking I would try the sobriety thing for a couple months. I continued to go out to places where everyone was drinking but me, I was a little hard at first but I got used to it. It seems when you aren’t¬†drinking that’s¬†when everyone wants to buy u drinks and shots. It’s hard to¬†turn down a drink but after awhile it gets easier.

At this point, none of my friends are surprised when I order water instead of a drink at a bar. Even recently my best friend and I went to a lounge to see a band play and some guys approached us looking to buy us some drinks, we both got water instead. I’m happy that I have inspired others to quit drinking alcohol¬†(at least most of the time) to purify the body. I’m not saying that drinking is always bad or anything but for me right now, I want to refrain from drinking. With that said: Drink responsibly or not at all ūüôā

before:                                                                                                after:

signature drink

alcohol free

Life unexpected.

A bit over a year ago I got divorced, I thought it was the end of the world. After observing my parents happy 30+ year marriage I felt like a total failure. Getting through that was probably one of the hardest things I’ve ever had to do. I read a lot of books during that time, including Eat Pray Love which I think helped a bit in realizing divorce isn’t the¬† end of the world. At this point in my life, now that I’ve been married, even if it was for a short period of time, I’m not really sure how I feel about marrying again. I think that if I meet the right person it won’t be a question but right now it’s just not a big priority. I wouldn’t mind settling down and having kids with someone, not being married to them, but happy with each other. Before I wasn’t happy being with someone and not being married to them after awhile of dating. I would always be yearning for the ring, when in reality a ring is nothing more than a symbol. A piece of jewelry can mean a lot of different things, at this point I’m not sweating it.

I’m glad I didn’t force my ex husband to stay in a loveless marriage. Or relationship, after we started dating 6 months after the divorce was finalized. I guess we will call that the “last ditch effort” to see if it would work out again. It didn’t, we are different people from when we first met 5 years ago and can’t work out the differences. I held on so tightly that I was literally overlooking all that we were. I hold no ill will towards him for ending the relationship, as it was not going forward as we had both hoped. That chapter is closed, I will miss things about that time. But I will always cherish and remember the good times, not discrediting them for the bad.

I used to be anti-change but in being that way I never grew up, never moved forward. I am finally doing that and not looking back. Kind of like when I stopped drinking alcohol (1 year, 1 month ago) or started being a vegetarian (almost 4 months ago). I haven’t cheated on either of those changes and don’t plan on it. Reading The Kind Diet this weekend has made me realize just how badly animals are treated for our hunger of flesh. I don’t plan on going back to eating meat anytime soon.