A1A Marathon & Half weekend events (Upcoming race in February 2017)


Recently I signed up to do the half, not sure how well I will do for this race as it is only 3 weeks after my 3rd full Miami Marathon but I have always heard such nice things about it and that medal! Over the years I have wanted to do this race but it always seems to fall soon after the Miami Marathon and I wasn’t too confident about my recovery in time. This year I’m rebelling a bit and think that I will be ready for the half. I have ran a couple of half marathons that run about 6 miles on A1A to the finish line but not a mostly A1A race so it should be interesting to see how it goes.

A few things about the race:

  • The race is nearing the race cap of 6,000 runners – so those who are still waiting to register should do it quickly! That means it won’t be as congested as other halfs/full marathons in the area.

  • Deadline for runners to personalize their bib is January 1st.  They must register by midnight on that day to customize their bib. Ever wanted your name on your bib or something else like “Awesome Runner Chick” you can do it, if you register for the race in the next few weeks.

  • Looking at the course it seems like almost the whole thing will be run on A1A which means the beach is right there and I even see a portion of the race is ran around a state park. That should be interesting since I haven’t checked out the Hugh Taylor Birch State Park but from googling it looks like a pretty place to run a few miles in.

  • That is one cool medal! This year it’s a Stingray medal, in the past years it has been seahorses, sailfish, a crab to name just a few.

Here is a code to save 20% off of this race: BIBRAVE (all capital letters). Hurry and sign up quick only 1,100 spots remain for the half/full distances. Code also works for the 5k distance the day before!

Sign up here & be sure to “like” their Facebook page for updates!

Hope to see you out there in February and hope to see some cooler temps by then too 🙂



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