Running on vacation.

Since starting to run I hadn’t taken too many trips, but definitely not any longer than a day or two at the most. For new years this year I went to visit a friend in DC and decided I could get in a couple of runs while there. I was at the end of marathon training and needed a semi long run at least one of the days I was visiting. I had ran 12 miles the day that I left Miami so that I would be relaxed on my flight and not feel antsy. Two days later I got up around 9am and got ready to run, I had looked it up on my phone to see which would be the easiest way to not get lost going to the Lincoln Memorial. Found a straight shot that took me by the Capital also and took it. Now I see why locals in big cities get annoyed with tourists, they block the entire sidewalk when you are trying to get by. I suppose I looked like a local too until I took out my phone at the Lincoln Memorial and snapped some pics with Abe. Friends commented when I posted the pics on Facebook asking why I wasn’t relaxing on my trip. Running actually relaxes me plus I got a chance to see the city from a different perspective than I have before. I hadn’t ever ran anywhere from my friend’s house before, always taking the metro anywhere I needed to go. It was nice seeing the city and running by the locals, getting a chance to cross the roads with the long crosswalk lights. That first day I ran a little over 7 miles and stopped at SweetGreen for a spicy warm salad. It was around 45 degrees out that day and I was frozen. I hadn’t ran in that kind of weather since the February before.

with Abe.

with Abe.

yummiest salad i've ever had!

yummiest salad i’ve ever had!

The next Monday I got in a shorter 3.5 mile run to the Capitol and back. My pace was faster too because I got out earlier before all the tourists hit the streets. It didn’t feel as cold that day but I’m pretty sure it was the same temp as the run before. I was really hoping for it to start snowing one of the days while I was out for a run but alas snow in DC does not seem to be in the cards for me. It sucks that I didn’t get a chance to partake in a November Project workout while I was there.

The Capital.

The Capital.

I personally loved running while on vacation and plan on doing it again next time I go on vacation. Such a fun way to explore the city and get in a good workout too.

Jet Airliner – 2011

The year of 2011 started out in New York City, in a little bar called Lucky Strike with a best friend, a new friend, and a newly reunited friend. It was only my 2nd time ever in NYC, last time I was only 11 years old so it was a whole new experience basically. Also visited New Jersey on that trip. I left New York bitten by the travel bug as well as the flu but I couldnt stop thinking about going back.

In February I went back to New York City for President’s Day weekend, this time hanging out with the new friend and newly reunited friend. I believe it was this trip that everyone got closer than during the New Years trip, and a lot drunker. Also I got to see a bit of snow falling while walking back to the apartment in Harlem. It was also the first time I had ever rode on an airplane alone in my life, so for me it was memorable as well as a bit frightening. It was a great trip and full of lots of hilarious moments at Wicked Willies bar.

Went to Universal Studio’s Islands of Adventure in March, I had never been and went with my sister, her boyfriend and his friend. We left Miami at around 7pm and arrived in Orlando around 10pm, not bad timing. Next morning we took the free bus to the park and spent all day walking around, riding all the rides we could. Lines were long but moved quickly, it wasn’t as bad as I was expecting. Also it was a bit breezy so it wasn’t as hot as it usually is. The next morning my sister, her boyfriend and his friend went to a drift event (car thing) and dropped me off at a mall because I’m not really into car stuff. I basically walked around and did a lot of window shopping.

Along came April when I decided to visit the newly reunited friend, whom had become a pretty good friend at that point, and my cousins who live in Washington D.C. I hadn’t been there since I was 18, and that trip was spent doing touristy things like visiting Arlington Cemetary and Mount Vernon. This time around it was spent bar hopping, checking out the Smithsonian Museums, hanging out with my cousins for a bit. I got to check out a concert while I was there at the 9:30 club – Toad the Wet Sprocket, hadn’t heard them in forever. Then went to Virginia and got to do some rock climbing/hiking, although I wouldn’t recommend wearing jeans and converse next time. Finally got to see the Lincoln Memorial, which was something I had wanted to do for a very long time.

End of May traveled back to NYC this time with another best friend and sister of the new friend. At that point, my new friend had become one of my closest long distance friends. We would often chat in his kitchen as he cooked breakfast and everyone else was asleep, those were some of the best conversations. Whispered and secretive. That trip was spent dancing in some gay clubs for new friend and sister, reunited friend and I didn’t mind. Lots of interesting things happened – like me having the back of my dressed ripped while sitting on some storage box waiting for the subway, meeting Billy at Mckenna’s (a one armed bank robber), and a tranny named Alyssa. A ton of pictures were taken and sobriety was non existant.

I had been wanting to visit DC and NYC when it was warmer, since all times I had visited it had been chilly, so I booked some more trips to both cities. Originally I planned to travel at the beginning of the month and then later go to NYC at the end of the month, but things didnt work out that way and I ended up traveling the last 2 weeks of August. First, I went to DC, visited different places as well as my new favorite bar ever, Lincoln. I checked out the Smithsonian zoo also with one of my cousins, got some panda souvenirs. Went to see some bands play at the Black Cat club, made some new friends. Went rock climbing/hiking again, this time on a more dangerous path. Flew home on Monday, then Tuesday there was an earthquake in DC and even felt in NYC. Two days later I was back in the air, heading to NYC to visit new friend. Hurricane Irene followed me, preventing reunited friend from taking the bus up from DC to NYC as was planned. Went out the first night I got in with new friend and his best friend also visiting from Miami, was the only girl at the gay club but it was fun, went to Times Square for the first time in the middle of the night. Next night we prepared for the hurricane by getting a ton of whiskey and snacks. Spent the hurricane watching a bootleg copy of the Hangover 2 with the boys. Unfortunately the subway was shut down for 3 of the 5 days I was in town, so transportation sucked. Managed to leave on the right flight home but super late due to bad weather in Miami, ironically.

Fall arrived and reunited friend wanted to make it up to new friend that he couldnt make it to NYC in August because of Hurricane Irene. We got tickets to see Little Dragon at Terminal 5 and all met up in NYC in October. I took the bus from the airport and the subway all the way to Harlem alone. This was a short trip, truly a weekend trip, only 4 days in NYC. Got to check out the speakeasy bar, Milk & Honey and loved it. Checked out the english conservatory section of Central Park, everytime I’ve visited we have explored a new piece of the park.

November, soon after the freak October snowstorm I visited New Hampshire, flying into Boston. I had never been to Massachussetts, New Hampshire or Vermont but got to see each of the states equally. I stayed with my closet internet friend, whom I had never met before, she was exactly how I imagined. We went to the Ben & Jerry’s factory in Vermont, one of my dreams come true, it was awesome and something I wont soon forget. Went to some malls to shop & stayed in Boston for the last night. Took in an empty drag show because my friend was dying to see some drag queens, pretty hilarious.

The best friend whom I was in NYC with at the beginning of the year invited me to go with her on her company holiday trip to Dominican Republic in December, I had went with her to the previous holiday trips so she said it was tradition. Basically I had met most of her coworkers at various parties so they werent total strangers and it was fun having drinks with them. They even joked at one point that I should be the company mascot, a sexy wrench. There are some beautiful beaches and surf worthy waves in that country, hung out a little while at a surf camp on a quiet beach. Only hard part about that trip for me was no internet/phone since I don’t have an International phone plan. After Christmas I flew back to DC. First night I arrived, caught a great show at DC9, Monahan & Samuel J Kim played. Next day I explored the city, checked out some museums, did some shopping and found a New Years dress, went back to Lincoln bar and stayed out late. Next morning, headed out on a bus to NYC to spend the New Years, it took forever since everyone was heading into the city. Met up with my internet friend right after we got off the bus. Had lots of drinks and then headed back to Brooklyn to sleep them off. Got lost a little bit lost, but that was because neither me or reunited friend had ever been to Brooklyn before. Visited Highline Park, lots of bars, and went back to Lucky Strike to ring in the New Year then went to 5 Ninth to party it up. Reunited friend had befriended the bartender so he made sure to get us nice and trashed. We dont remember how we got back to Brooklyn but slept the next day till 4pm. Had some drinks at Lucy’s before standing in the longest bus line ever, somehow managing to get on the bus in time. The ride back went a lot faster, maybe because I slept most of the time while listening to every Radiohead song on my iphone.

That was my year in travel, I hope to explore new places and have more adventures this year. So far I have no trips planned but it’s still early.