Race Recap – Susan G Komen Race for the Cure – October 19, 2013

I’ve walked this race a couple of years and last year it was my first running race.


Even though it was not technically timed it still counted as my first ever race. This year they added timing chips if you signed up as a runner, not a lot of people signed up as runners. As this a huge event with lots and lots of walkers I knew it would be challenging to dodge walkers and strollers most of the way. My aunt signed up too so I went with her, we got to downtown Miami about 6am. Walked around for 2 hours before lining up to race, that was a mistake I now realize. By then I had walked out all my breakfast calories and would be running on near empty. As I sometimes do I took off way too quickly at the beginning, marking my fastest mile according to my NikePlus app but also the reason I blew up a mile and a half into it. I ended up walking up the bridges and part of the way up another. There is a small somewhat steep bridge on the course and it gets me every time. I finished but was pretty disappointed in my time, I grabbed my water and a banana from the food tent and sat on the hillside to watch for my aunt to finish. I am pretty good at guessing what time my friends and aunt will finish and I was by the finish line chute when she crossed the line. Overall I was disappointed in my performance at this race, I know not every day will be a great race or PR but I just felt really bad about this 5k. But there’s always next year, when I will hopefully take on that bridge without stopping. First race in my new pink Brooks PureConnects.

Starting line.

Starting line.

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