Live Ultimate South Beach Quarter Marathon – December 14, 2013.

Ready for a day of racing.

Ready for a day of racing.

I always love races that start and/or end on South Beach. Great views and a walk on the beach afterwards is a very peaceful ending to a race. I made myself a little of a challenge by signing up for this race and a holiday 5k later in the evening. Kind of like how Disney sets up challenges, but usually on different days. Getting to the race was a bit of a headache, I knew I didn’t have to be as early as the half marathoners but also didn’t want to arrive too late and not find any parking. There was a major accident on the McArthur causeway just before the bridge so that slowed everyone down considerably to get to the beach. Luckily I got through the mess in enough time to find a metered parking space, and the meters didn’t start till 9am, which was perfect since this race started at 7:30 and I knew I would be done before 8:30am.

Miami Beach.

Miami Beach.

It was a very windy morning and so strong that it was blowing the port a potty doors open almost hitting some runners who were walking by. I ran into a friend of mine who was running the 5k while her husband ran the half marathon, we talked for awhile till it was time to line up. The 5k & quarter marathon distance runners started at the same time, while the half marathoners started an hour earlier giving them a head start. Although while running the quarter marathon we did see some half marathoners heading back the opposite way we were going. This course took us up Ocean Drive and then around the Miami Beach Convention Center and through the golf course and up the boardwalk. I had no goal in this race, as I just wanted to finish strong and not kill myself since I had a 5k later on that night. It was starting to get really hot by the time I finished the race, so I walked over to Nikki Beach where they had the food and goodies. I grabbed some stuff and headed to the beach to watch the waves while I ate and watched the half marathoner run by on the sand. This race was dedicated to my friend Erik.

Live Ultimate medal.

Live Ultimate medal.


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