RunWild 5k – 2016

I’ve done this race since 2013, almost every year that it has been happening. And every single year I try to place in my age group, one year I was actually 4th place and they happened to be giving out medals for 4th that year. But never did I think that I would place while running with Phoebe in the stroller, let alone be first in my age group!


Phoebe’s 1st podium pic!


It was a chilly morning, when I checked the weather app on my phone it showed 47! Phoebe was super bundled up, only her face showing. It was as cold as Miami Marathon started out this year! What’s up with all the races being cold so far this year? I was prepared and wore a long sleeve over my Oiselle racing singlet and Oiselle fleece lined sleeves. I was wearing shorts and remarkably my legs weren’t too cold. We had to pick up our packets on the morning of the race because there was no time to head over to Footworks in South Miami during the week.


All bundled up & ready to start!

The race started on time, unlike 3 years ago when it had to be delayed due to a lot of fog. I really did not know what to expect from this race and didn’t try to give myself any time goals. The course is super super twisty and the Bob Ironman stroller is not super easy to navigate with twists and turns. By mile two, I was hoping for it to be over already, I pushed myself pretty hard to get ahead of a lot of people at the beginning and I was not going to let them all pass me at the end. When I crossed over I found Derrick, who had a goal of a 20 minute 5k which he achieved with some seconds. We got our medals and were handed bouquets of daisies (there was also carnations being given out). We hurried to the post race party where I indulged in some tiny acai bowls. I love acai so I really enjoyed that post race treat. We walked around a little, saying hi to friends and waiting for the results to be posted. Finally they were posted and Derrick came back with a picture of the results and me as first in my age group & he got 2nd in his age group! What? I really didn’t think even placing 3rd was a possibility with the stroller. It seems that all those races I was forced to runner slower due to pregnancy and the weight gain of pregnancy has made me more determined post pregnancy to earn back my speed. At a slightly slower pace than I did the Tropical 5k a few weeks before, I came in at 25:53. A stroller 5k PR for me. Still slower than my solo 5k PR but it is great to feel like I am finally getting somewhere with my paces.

After the awards ceremony, where I brought Phoebe on stage with me (she did cross the line before me 😉 after all) we took a stroll around the zoo to see some animals. She had fallen asleep just as they were counting down for the race to begin and stayed asleep for another 10 minutes after we finished the race. I don’t know how anyone could possibly sleep with all those turns but I guess she’s used to it from all the training runs. She rode on Derrick’s shoulders and checked out the camels, elephants and giraffes. Just as we were heading out she started to get a little cranky but that was due to her feeding being an hour delayed. I fed her and then we went to Ihop to refuel after that fun race.


Derrick won 2nd in his AG too!


Post race fuel.

This is my 4th year doing the race and for sure I will be back next year again!


Naptime finally!


Race Recap – The Color Run – October 12, 2013

After doing 2 other “colorful” runs this year I was a bit tired of being thrown colored cornstarch at me but decided to do this one last one for the year. Plus I really like this official Color Run as it has great sponsors and is very well organized. I knew it would not disappoint and I was running with my friend German, who I promised to not leave behind for once. Sometimes I can be a bit too competitive so since this race was untimed I figured this would be a perfect race to help me relax with my marathon training and do a fun run.


Just did what the sign said, about 50x to get this one good shot.

Just did what the sign said, about 50x to get this one good shot.

The colors all blended to gray.

The colors all blended to gray.

Color Throw!

Color Throw!

Geared in our mostly white attire we set off in one of the first waves of the run. Before we got to the starting line they had passed out Color Run bandanas to wear or cover our faces while we ran through the colored dust. I wore mine as a headband but smartly German used his like a bandit and covered his nose and mouth when running through the color stations. It was held at the Homestead Speedway which was a nice change, sadly we did not run on the race track but rather through the surrounding area. Such a fun run and kept it at a slowish but moderate pace the entire time and even managed to do some backwards running while trying to take dusty pictures. German did this run without walking once, usually he takes small walk breaks during a 5k but not this time, so I was very proud of him. Afterwards we hung around and grabbed some Kind bars and Edy’s popsicles to cool down before the massive color throwing. Since of course we were starving when we left there, we hit the nearest Ihop which was interesting as we looked like crazy colorful aliens. Everybody in the place turned around and stared at us most of the time we were there, but some people asked us if we had done a color run. So that was a lot of fun, trying to explain why we were full of color.

At Ihop for a post race breakfast.

At Ihop for a post race breakfast.